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Letter from Head Teacher 'Congratulations regarding attendance'

Dear Parents and Carers,


Congratulation on Pupil Attendance!


The Governors, staff and I, would like to express our thanks for your persistence and support in ensuring that your children maintain good attendance rates at Oaklands. We were very pleased that the overall attendance for Oaklands pupils in 2017-2018 was 93.4%. This is a wonderful achievement for our school. Many children at Oaklands have 100% attendance. These high rates of attendance ensure that children maximise their progress as learners. We endeavour to ensure that we ‘Make Learning Fun’ at Oaklands, and are so pleased that children are happy in the school environment, wanting to come to school each day.


As a consequence of last year’s high attendance figure, we have set the ambitious target of 95% for whole school attendance in 2018-2019. We will be working together with you to try to reach this goal.


In order to do this, can I just remind you:

Absence procedures: Parents/carers should contact the school on the first day of their child’s absence by calling the school office on 0116 2415921. When parents/carers notify us of their child’s absence it is important that they provide us with details of the reason for their absence.


Appointments: Many of our children find a change to their routine difficult to manage, so in order to minimise the impact on children’s progress and wellbeing, we politely ask that you try to bring children to school for part of the day if the appointment is not a whole day one. We understand that occasionally it is necessary to take your child out of school for medical appointments and family events. Please always let the office know in advance.


Early Collection from School: We know that managing multiple pick-ups from school can be tricky for families; if you collect your child and this affect you, please discuss this with a member of the school leadership team. School finishes at 3pm and unless you have a prior agreement made with me (or it is a ‘one-off’ reason to leave early), children will not be called to Reception before 2.55p.m. so that they do not lose valuable learning time.


Once again, thank you for all your support for Oaklands and, in particular, for ensuring that our children are in school every day and ready to learn. If you have any questions about the information in this letter, please do not hesitate to contact the office on 0116 2415921 or by email at



Sarah Osborne