Our next Parent Workshop will be on Monday 22nd April at 9.30am. This is the first of a four part course for parents about Autism. In session 1 we will be exploring what is Autism.
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Oakey Boost

Oakey Boost is ...


Engaging, Exciting and Enticing!



Oakey Boost supports ...


Structures and Routines!

Oakey Boost promotes...


Reading, Play and Interaction

Oakey Boost helps children to...


Communicate, Connect and Regulate their Emotions

What is Oakey Boost?

Oakey Boost is a session that is designed to support children transition into school.  It is an opportunity for staff to ‘check in’ with each child, through observations, interactions and communication.


When is Oakey Boost on the timetable?

Everyday 8.45am – 9.15am (approx)


What do children do during Oakey Boost?

This varies between classes and pathways, however, the session includes a mixture of activities and resources that entice the children into the classroom, such as preferred objects (motivators), sensory equipment (such as gym balls and spinners) and play interaction toys.  During this time children are free to access any of the resources and activities that are on offer, they may also use this time to request additional items.  This is a perfect opportunity to encourage communication by having visuals available, such as PECS or communication boards.  In addition to the above activities Oakey Boost is an ideal time to secure learning that has taken place in previous days or lessons.  For example having a tuff spot set up with the exploration activity that was used in Maths last week, or the phonics sound/s of the week activity. 


What do the staff do during Oakey Boost?

Connect!  Staff use this time to build relationships with the children, engage with them in their chosen activity, as well as modelling play and positive interactions. It may also be an opportunity for some 1:1 work, supporting learning that has taken place in previous lessons.  Oakey Boost is also a time when staff check-in with how children are feeling.  They will use the language of Zones of Regulation to help children identify how they are feeling, which zone they are in and what emotional regulation tool they may need to help them.