Our next Parent Workshop will be on Monday 22nd April at 9.30am. This is the first of a four part course for parents about Autism. In session 1 we will be exploring what is Autism.
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NAS Accreditation


NAS Autism Accreditation


Moving Forward


In November 2021 we were once again visited for a further assessment and amid these very strange circumstances, we are pleased to announce that, following our review Oaklands School have officially been awarded “Advanced Status” in the NAS Autism Accreditation. We are first school in Leicester and one of only 42 schools nationally to have achieved this status. 


What is “Advanced” Status?


According to official NAS criteria, an “Advanced” provision “provides highly creative and very personalised support to enable each autistic person to achieve their full potential”.


 NAS Autism Accreditation


The National Autisitic Society Autism Accreditation is the UK’s only autism-specific quality assurance programme of support and development for all those providing services to autistic people. It is a way for organisations to show they offer excellent support to autistic children and adults.

Oaklands was the first special school in Leicester to have received the Autism Accreditation. The accreditation is a three year process of reflection and strategic development, focused on developing the whole staff's understanding of Autism to be able to best support each individual child to reach their potential.
There are lots of benefits of being accredited, including:
  • a more autism-focused school
  • increased expertise in supporting autistic children
  • foundation for informing strategic planning
  • better outcomes for autistic children and those who benefit from the relevant approached
  • reassurance for families/carers
  • a genuinely personalised service
  • ongoing development for the service/school


An in depth assessment took place over three days in May 2018, with outcomes measured against specific criteria that were met and demonstrated. This included the reviewers observing lessons, analysing documentation, and listening to pupil and parent voice about our school.