Our next Parent Workshop will be on Thursday 7th March at 10am. This will be led by our maths lead and will focus on developing maths through play.
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Big Moves

Big Moves


Big Moves is a ‘Brain Based’ Movement Intervention programme. ‘All ‘higher’ development, including emotional and social skills, language and cognitive development are based on a secure foundation of sensory motor development, at the bottom of the brain - built in infancy and early childhood. “Brains are built from the bottom up”

Movement and physical play in early childhood are essential for the healthy growth and development of the body and the brain and nervous system – and yet many children – from birth - are experiencing very low levels of physical play and high levels of sedentary behaviour - with 90% of girls and 91% of boys aged 2-4 years not having enough physical activity for their health & wellbeing. (British Heart Foundation 2014).


What is Big Moves?

• Target intervention programme.

• Daily floor based activities in the hall. Only requires PE mats.

• Based on normal human movement patterns

• 15-20 mins a day.

• Initial 6 weeks. Another block of 6 weeks if required.

• Movement assessment to determine group.

• Outcome measurement tool.

• Children enjoy it!


Improvements noted from others who have used BIG MOVES! include:

· Better listening and concentration

· Improved ability to follow instructions.

· Better posture, no longer slumping in the chair.

· More imagination & creativity

· Improved ability to sit still and less fidgeting

· More determination and ability to persevere.

· Improved pencil grip

· Improved handwriting

· Improved tool use, including safe use of scissors.


 Big Moves Promotional Video