It has been wonderful to see all the children back in school. Well done to the children for being superb at adapting to the new way of life.
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School Council

Helping Others and Working Together to Make Changes


At Oaklands, the voice of the children is very important and so we have a School Council who help to inform us about many aspects of school life, and help us to make decisions about our school. Their work also enables them to have a say on matters in the wider community.


We have an active group of school council members, made up of representatives from across the school. For children from the Chestnut Pathway classes, they will have been voted on to the school council by their peers. Some classes have two representatives who may take it in turns to attend our meetings.


The School Council meets once a fortnight in the Head Teacher’s office. They discuss a range of issues, such as the school environment, the school lunches and the types of activities they enjoy. The group are encouraged to seek the ideas and opinions of the peers in their classes and they have clear rules about how to participate in the discussions. The meetings enable pupils to make a significant contribution to improving the ongoing life of the school.


This term, the new school council have met with Mr Robbins, our Chair of Governors. As he is a friend to the school, they all introduced themselves and shook hands with Mr Robbins. The group used pictures and photographs to discuss ideas for improvements to our sensory garden.


Some of the topics for discussion from last term were:

  • What challenges us at school? (The conclusion was that there are a range of challenges at school, and the group love challenge!)
  • Planning activities for the National Autism Awareness Week (The ideas were clearly great ones as the total raised was our largest fundraising total ever!)
  • How to distribute toys donated to the school by TESCO
  • What can be improved in the school environment? (The conclusion was that the group felt that the ICT room is too dark)

They have also been helping us to interview staff. At the request of the school council, we now have ketchup available with some of the meals served.


The school donated £1,323 to the NAS following a week of fundraising activities.




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