Please be vigilant about symptoms of Coronavirus. If your child has a persistent cough, a temperature or a loss/change of taste or smell, do not send them in to school..
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Making Learning Fun

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Making Learning Fun

Guides to Support Learning

Early Skills


Below are some guides to help you support your child with some of the early skills like attention, communication and independence.

Outdoor Learning and Physical Activity


Children love to explore the world around them and learn in an active way and so its really important to use outdoor spaces as learning environments and use activities that get children moving.  Here are some great ideas for consolidating learning outside and making learning more active in the home.

Book Sharing


Please find below a guide on how to get the best out of a book sharing session with your child.

Speech Sounds


Here are some guides to support you in learning speech sounds with your child.

Life Skills


Here are some ideas to support your child develop a range of life skills important for the future.

Maths Skills


Please find below some guides to support your child's development of maths skills starting with early skills - 1:1 correspondance and counting to 5.



Here are some great ideas to help to support your child to develop their fine motor skills through building activities

Simple Maths Activities.mp4

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Here are some great ideas for making learning fun with jigsaw puzzles.

how to jigsaws.mp4

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