Our next Parent Workshop will be on Thursday 22nd June at 9.45am. We will be sharing how we support children to develop their physical skills.
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LCI Team

Learning, communication and interaction team


The learning, communication and interaction (LCI) team aims to provide efficient and effective support on an individual, group or whole school basis for pupils with learning, communication and interaction special educational needs.


The team provides every city school with a designated LCI teacher to support children with a variety of learning difficulties. At Oaklands our designated teacher is Louise Moran.  These include:


The team provides a variety of training for schools and individual support for pupils including the following:

  • Speech and language training
  • Dyslexia
  • Dyspraxia
  • Play Interaction
  • Specific interventions in school such as Reading Recovery and many other


 For more information about LCI contact 0116 454 4650.