Parent comments - "My son is always learning to the best of his ability and we feel the school are brilliant with this and take time with him with lots of encouragement, care and support. We love everything about Oaklands." - "The development of my child in the last four years has been nothing short of astounding; keep it up" - "Staff at Oaklands help my child with his education in a way that other schools could not"
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Oaklands School

Making Learning Fun

Home Page

Oaklands School

Making Learning Fun

Staff List

Come and meet the staff at Oaklands.

Head Teacher

Sarah Osborne


Deputy Head Teacher

Ingrid Spencer


Assistant Head Teachers and Cherry Pathway Leads

Vicky Bland

Sally Bott


Pathway Leads

Rebecca Pearson - Chestnut Lead

Kirti Patel - Willow Lead


Extended Provision Lead

Sam Poulton


Hedgehogs Class

Manisha Kataria

Laura Ward

Tracey Blackburn

Selina Acs

Paramjit Kaur

Janet Webster

Ameena Suleman


Squirrels Class

Eve Moorhouse

Sue Ketteringham

Rashida Esat

Dominque Joshi

Nazmira Jussab

Sophia Hussein


Frogs Class

Kirti Patel

Tracey Rowe

Jade Keeber

Aleksandra Kloda


Beavers Class

Rebecca Pearson

Sumaiyah Iqbal

Nusrat Patel

Gina Liquorish

Claire Hall


Badgers Class

Tomas Zahorsky

Michelle Jayes

Rachel Swinfield

Natalie Holyoake

Hayley Whitehead


Owls Class

Hannah Hawkins

Kate Bentley

Karen Devlin

Narinder Gill

Sophie Bradley

Alison Skipworth


Dormice Class

Chloe Freeman

Laura Lewis

Hafsa Daud

Zainab Patel


Rabbits Class

Rose Macharia-Simpson

Jennie Greenwood

Danielle Worsley

Jade Rowe-Barber


Hares Class

Natasha Gibbins

Loretta Tinsley

Nassima Alli

Emma Swarbrick

Daxsha Chohan


Deer Class

Nisha Stuart

Ruqia Mohammed

Kate Bentley

Faheema Jamal

Hatice Sumer

Afsana Alli


Stoats Class

Saskia Penrose

Kayleigh Thrower

Cleo Craig

Nusrat Makda

Harshila Carsane

Alice Dovey


Robins Class

Sally Bott

Vicky Bland

Denise Phillips

Maria Mckelvie-Lenton

Heather Sinclair-Tate

Dulal Massey


Fairness Foxes Class (O@BC)

Sam Poulton

Marcella Maguire

Karen Bryan

Megan Flower

Sarah Hunt

Agnieszka Begowska


SEN Supervisors

Sharon Lucas

Angie Parker


Cover Supervisor

Kerry Paget


Teacher Interventions

Manisha Kataria - Early Bird

Ruqia Mohammed - Early Bird


Lunchtime Supervisors

Fatima Dakri


Library Assistant

Lauren Hope


Admin Staff

Shakila Towasin – Office Manager

Tara Mistry – Administration Officer

Alexander David – ICT Technician

Sarah Brewin – Bursar


Premises Staff

Paul Bryan

Gary Hinton