Well done, Oaklands! We now have National Autistic Society Accreditation. A great achievement!
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Making Learning Fun

Parent Workshops

Date Topic
13th September 2018 Helping your child with routines
27th September 2018 Makaton for parents
11th October 2018 Health advice - Physical and Sensory Well-Being
1st November 2018 Behaviour support for parents (Social Stories)
15th November 2018 Communication development through play
29th November 2018

Supporting your child's reading at home

+ Additional Information 1, 2 and 3

13th December 2018 Supporting your child with Maths at home
15th January 2019 Mental health awareness
24th January 2019 Supporting your child with writing at home
7th February 2019 Learning through play
28th February 2019 Behaviour support for parents (Social Stories)
14th March 2019 Understanding Autism
28th March 2019 Supporting your child's English at home
11th April 2019

Using PECS at home.

9th May 2019 Health Advice - toileting and sleep advice
23rd May 2019 Year 5 parents' information on Secondary school places
13th June 2019 New parents welcome to Oaklands
27th June 2018 Planning for the summer holidays
11th July 2018 Headteacher's Celebration breakfast for parents. 8.30-10am