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Welcome to Robins!


Autumn 2017 


Our class team are Miss Poulton, Miss Paget, Miss Maguire, Miss Jussab, Miss Liquorish and Miss Smith.


As with all of the classes, our themes are on a 3-year cycle plan. This is to ensure progression, so that if your child attends our school they do not repeat the same topics.


Our themes for the autumn term are:

Time Detectives

Maps and Plans

Going to the Café?

And What Does Christmas Mean in Our Community


Please visit the curriculum section of the website for more details about each theme and website links


We have PE every Monday and we ask that the children bring in a PE Kit and leave it in school to ensure that they always have it in class, in case of occasional timetable changes.


So far this term, we have already had a lot of fun.

We have particularly enjoyed our dinosaur day where the whole school enjoyed a visited from an animatronic dinosaur as part of put theme of Time Detectives. Within the same theme we have enjoyed looking at the role of archaeologist and palaeontologist.


When learning about the British Values of individual liberty and tolerance, we enjoyed experiences traditional Halloween and Bonfire Night activities, such as pumpkin carving and bobbing for apples.