Well done, Oaklands! We now have National Autistic Society Accreditation. A great achievement!
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Religious Education


Links to activities and information to support the teaching of Religious Education.


Online searchable sacred texts from different religions can be found at:


This site has lots of information about the largest world religions in language children can understand:


You can find out about all the festivals and special religious days in the year on this site:


There are lots of resources and activities about the Easter story on this site:


There are lots of craft making activities on Christian themes here:


You can find an annotated slide show of Hindu deities here:


and information about Hindu festivals on this site: - tells us about the pattern of Muslim prayers in words and simple pictures


Children can learn about the basic teachings of Islam in a fun, interactive way on this site: -


Useful Apps that are free:

  • Model Me Going Places

This app lets you make social stories as an anticipation guide for your learner. They’ll know what to expect, how to behave, and if a reinforcer is in their future.


  • Find Me (Autism)

This app lets little ones practice and engage in simple social skills. It’s a game, requires no reading, and has very friendly graphics.


  • See Touch Learn

Many of our e with autism or special needs are very successful when they are learning with picture cards. These cards are versatile tools that we can use to facilitate sight word recognition, object identification, sorting skills, speech skills, and even communication. This app includes tons of picture cards.


  • Confetti

A fun drawing app for ipad.  Your picture last as long as your finger is in contact with the ipad and then the picture slowly fades away.


  • Draw with stars

You can create attractive and musical star scenes with this cause and effect drawing app.


  • Finger paint with sounds

Explore touch with colour, sound or music.  Finger painting without the mess!


  • Pocket pond HD

Watch fish is your own personal pond and enjoy the sounds of nature.  The interactive water reacts to touch and swipes.


  • My Life Skills Box

Ready-made sequences and stories, with clear pictures and built-in speech.  There are social stories eg making friends, and functional stories eg putting the doll to bed.


  • Book of me

Entertaining and educational stories with your child at the centre of the story.


  • Emotions

Allows the user to learn to identify feelings and you can add photos of your child showing those emotions too.


  • Model me going places

Slideshows of children modelling appropriate behaviour in different locations eg a hairdresser, a restaurant.