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Welcome to Rabbits!

Autumn 2017




During the first half of the Autumn Term, Rabbits class looked at a topic called ‘Ourselves’. The children listened to a sensory story called ’10 little fingers’ and learned that their bodies are amazing – they can walk, smell, hear, see, touch, taste and make lots of noises using their bodies.


The children had the opportunity to look at themselves in the mirror and think about what colour their skin, hair and eyes are.


They listened to different action rhymes to help them identify the different parts of their bodies and used them in different ways e.g. clapping hands, wiggling fingers, stamping feet etc.


We compared similarities and differences between the different children in the class starting with height and feet size down to hair and eye colour.


Rabbits class looked at the different ways we can move our bodies – crawling, spinning, climbing and jumping.



The Weather School


During this topic we focused on four different types of weather.


A sunny day – we sang ‘The sun has got his hat on’ and created sunny day pictures using our fingers to paint the sun.  We thought about the different things we might do on a sunny day and made ice lollies to eat and of course simple ice cream sundaes. We played with sand and water and had lots of fun making sandcastles and knocking them down.


A snowy day – we explored cold things such as ice cubes, ice balls and played with snow dough and cold weather animals in small world play. We made snowball cakes and thought about what clothes we would wear on a cold day.


A rainy day – we sang ‘Rain, rain, go away’ and had lots of fun playing with and making our own rain makers. We took turns to hold an umbrella whilst being sprayed with water – all the children enjoyed this and showed good anticipation! We made rain clod collages using cotton wool and glitter.


A stormy day – We sang ‘I hear thunder’ and learned the signs for this song. The children explored wind makers, thunder shakers and rain makers. They all had a chance to play an instrument, whilst singing ‘I hear thunder’. They had the opportunity to learn to mix paint (black and white) to make a stormy day picture and then stick strips of lightning on.  The children also made makeshift wind-socks using milk bottles, strips of coloured fabric and string.