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Making Learning Fun


Talking Comes First!


It is very important to encourage your child to talk about numbers, groups of objects and patterns.

Discussing maths, numbers and quantities all around them, and talking about solution to problems all contribute to being able to solve simple calculations and the development of speaking and listening skills. Children need firm foundations on which to build their understanding of calculations. They need to be able to ‘add one’ and ‘take one’ in practical situations, with a range of objects and in different contexts. They need to understand the vocabulary relating to addition and subtraction, multiplication and division before beginning to record their findings.


Practical Ideas:


Encourage your child to join in with counting in number songs and rhymes. Let them count your fingers, reciting the numbers

Ask your child to “Give me one”, “Give me two” in a range of situations

Put objects into sets and ask your child to count how many there are ‘altogether’, or to find the ‘total’. Ask them to put two ‘more’, ‘less’

Encourage your child to show amounts on their fingers, for example, extend their index finger to indicate ‘one’


Learn number bonds to ten using your fingers and a range of objects. You show your child 7 fingers and they respond with 3 fingers.


Use a range of objects to make ten. How many ways can they be split ie 5 and 5, 6 and 4


When your child is ready, they could begin to make marks, draw pictures or write numbers with words or symbols to record what they have done.

Encourage your child to explore finding the numbers on a calculator. Make it fun!


How quickly can they press numbers one to eight?


What happens if they press 2 + 2 then keep pressing =?