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Music at Oaklands


At Oaklands, we use music throughout the school day and across the curriculum. As well as the development of music skills, we use music to support pupils with their learning at transition times, within PE sessions, cooking session, IPC sessions and Literacy and Numeracy, to motivate and engage pupils. Many of our children respond well to singing or instrumental sounds rather than words or sentences.


Children have music lessons once a week taught by the class teacher or HLT. These structured lessons give the children the opportunity to learn basic music skills. Children have the opportunity to listen and respond to a variety of music activities based on their level of learning.


Children have the opportunity to:-

-Hold and play and instrument

-Explore the sounds they make.

-Listen and respond to music through movement, art and speech/sounds.

-Listen and recognise environmental sounds and instrumental sounds.

-Learn the names of instruments and which type of instrument they are.

-How to compose a piece of music.

-How to listen to a piece of music and adapt the piece to make it better.

-How to comment on different pieces of music such as how it makes them feel, whether it is loud/quiet/fast/slow.


Music is on a 3 year rolling programme covering a variety of topics such as Animals, Transport and many more.


At Oaklands most of the willow pathway children and some of the chestnut pathway children will have the opportunity to be taught by Singing Sally during the school year.

Meet Sally:

Picture 1 Singing Sally

Singing Sally works with children introducing new songs and rhymes using props to support her teaching. These are adapted to each group to meet the needs of the children.


At Oaklands most of the chestnut pathway and some of the willow pathway children will be taught drumming by Simon Stokes.


Simon works with the children to help improve and develop their co-ordination and interaction skills through a variety of rhythm activities.


Some of our children took part in the Summer Concert at Demontfort Hall in June 2017. They were part of the Massed Choir singing along with other schools. The children got the opportunity to sing tracks from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and Matila the Musical which linked in closely with their topic Chocolate.


Ideas for activities to do with your children outside of the classroom:

Spring 2018

Twenty children from a range of KS1 and KS2 took part in a Soundscape Project with Elle Williams. Each session took the form of introducing the instruments and exploring the range of sounds they can produce. Clips of the children’s playing was recorded and used as part of the final composition. Sessions provided a safe space for students to explore a range of new and familiar instruments in solo and ensemble activities. There were opportunities to experience conducting, ensemble performing, music recording techniques and for students had a creative input into the final piece.


The children had lots of fun exploring the instruments:

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5
Picture 6

Summer 2018

We are looking at taking part in a Singing Event.