Well done, Oaklands! We now have National Autistic Society Accreditation. A great achievement!
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Making Learning Fun


Information Communication Technology


Some basic rules on how to keep your child safe on the internet


  • Always stay with your child when they are on the internet
  • Only open or send emails to people you recognise and know
  • Never give out personal information about you or your child



Bulletin Board


  • Mr Tumble – make and do
  • British council songs
  • – free 30 subscription can be taken



An app to help with behaviour at home


  • Communicate easy – has lots of first then next symbols to help with everyday activities like first brush teeth thenbreakfast. It also shows sequences to help children get dressed for school or swimming to ease some frustration that these everyday errands can cause



iPad apps to help with communication skills


  • Grid player – your child will be able to communicate with you using PECS symbols. You will also be able to make your own symbols using photos. Very easy to use!
  • Baby sign – this is a lovely app to learn new signs. It shows an animation of a child signing and saying each word. Brilliant!
  • Autism emotions – Helps children talk about their emotions. Gives them a chance to tell you how they are feeling



Using ICT when out and about with your child


  • Take your child to the supermarket and opt to use the self checkout scanner and encourage your child to click the correct items on screen – this will build confidence and give your child some independence
  • Take your child to the park and along with a camera and ask them to take pictures of their favourite apparatus or look at different flowers you can see then print them to show your child – children get lots of pleasure looking at any printed work that they have contributed to
  • When you visit the opticians ask them if your child can look into their machine. Many opticians are now very accommodating!