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Welcome to Frogs!

Topics to be covered this year are:

Autumn Term Spring Term Summer Term
  • Getting to know me.
  • Going to the park.
  • Words and pictures
  • Sights and sounds of winter.
  • Jobs in our school.
  • Exploring my world.
  • Old Macdonald had a farm.
  • What do things do?
  • Visiting a local village.


Spring Term

Jobs in our School


During this topic we looked at the jobs people do in our school e.g. cook (chef), cleaner etc. The children enjoyed cooking and helping to clean and tidy the classroom after the puppet had come in and made a mess.


Throughout each session the children were engaged in role play activities whether it was pretending to mend equipment, cook the dinner or answer the phone.  They also explored some of the equipment different people use to do their jobs.

Exploring my World


Each week of this topic we explored different aspects of our world starting with our families. We looked at houses and buildings and the children enjoyed exploring construction toys to make their own models. We then focused on transport and the children learnt some songs like Wheels on the Bus.  For the last two weeks we looked at nature and our locality and went for a walk around Evington.

Old MacDonald


In this topic the children learnt all about the different animals that live on a farm.  The children enjoyed listening to different farm songs and playing with small world toys where they were encouraged to make animal sounds.  We thoroughly enjoyed having the chicken eggs in school and watching them hatch and then grow.  The children also had a great time at the farm.

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